Reducibility Of Cobblestone And Coke Rate In Blast Furnace

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  • Reduction of PelletsNut Coke Mixture under Simulating

    Reduction Of Pelletsnut Coke Mixture Under Simulating

    Aug 20, 2010 In order to clarify the influence of nut coke on the pellets reducibility, industrial iron ore pellets were reduced with and without nut coke participation under different temperatures and atmospheres. Isothermal and nonisothermal reduction tests under simulating blast furnace conditions were performed using an experimental laboratory rig.

  • Innovative Uses of Hydrogen in Steelmaking

    Innovative Uses Of Hydrogen In Steelmaking

    BOF. Steel. Coke Oven. Coal. O2. ScrapHBI. 1500 C Liquid Hot Metal Blast. Furnace. sinter. Lump Iron Ore Fine Iron Ore. Coke fuel reductant structure

  • Reducibility Study of Briquettes Made from Iron Bearing

    Reducibility Study Of Briquettes Made From Iron Bearing

    Mar 20, 2021 Various by-products of iron and steel making industries viz. Iron ore fines, coke fines, blast furnace dust and basic oxygen furnace sludges, etc. are generated at various units of ore to steel processing. Although, these by-products consist of valuable minerals, such are being considered as waste in context to cost economy and environmental well-being.

  • UDC 622 785 5 669 162 26 012 4 Quality

    Udc 622 785 5 669 162 26 012 4 Quality

    viscosity of the blast furnace slag were adequately maintained by composition control without top charging of lump flux Case 2 of Table 1. As a result, the blast furnace attained a productivity coef-ficient as high as 2.37 tdm3 and a high orecoke rate of 4.87 with a PCR of 161 kgt-pig11. 3.2 Improvement of blast furnace operation by ...


    Furnace At Bhilai Steel Plant Performance

    for productivity, carbon rate and slag volume of a blast furnace number X of Bhilai Steel Plant in terms of independent and controllable parameters. ... X22 Moisture in coke 2.69 6.58 2.5 -3.0 The reducibility of sinter is determined by passing hydrogen, at the rate of 1

  • The Coke and Iron Ore Materials Kinetic Characteristics

    The Coke And Iron Ore Materials Kinetic Characteristics

    The most important problem at the blast furnace process developing is the great coke consumption decreasing at the minimization of the general energy costs. One of the most effective ways of iron-making technical progress is the iron ore materials and coke physicochemical properties improvement which allows to increase the iron productivity and decrease the specific coke rate without ...

  • Chemical Mineralogical and Metallurgical

    Chemical Mineralogical And Metallurgical

    blast furnace as a result of prior calcinations outside the furnace and thus reduces the coke rate Singh and Deo, 1995. Incorporation of flux in the burden through sinter, therefore, greatly improves the blast furnace performance, since the formation of slag then becomes relatively easy and it forms at the correct level in the blast furnace.

  • PDF Influence of talc additive on cold strength and

    Pdf Influence Of Talc Additive On Cold Strength And

    Unfavourable mechanical properties and reducibility decrease blast furnace efficiency. In this work, the influence of talc additive on the reducibility and strength of sinters was studied and compared to that of bentonite. The experiments were performed using a mixture of raw materials with various amounts of talc and bentonite sintered at 1150uC.

  • Standard Reference List RB Automazione

    Standard Reference List Rb Automazione

    MM 6000 or SM 4000. ISO 4700. Iron ore pellets for blast furnace and direct reduction feedstocks -- Determination of the crushing strength. RB 1000. ISO 7215. Iron ores for blast furnace feedstocks-- Determination of the reducibility by the final degree of reduction index. MM 6000 or SM 4000. ISO 7992.

  • Iron making SlideShare

    Iron Making Slideshare

    Mar 02, 2013 Reducibility is the ease with which the oxygen combined with iron can be removed indirectly. A higher reducibility means a greater extent of indirect reduction that may be obtained in the blast furnace resulting in a lowered coke rate and higher productivity. 68.

  • Operation of an experimental furnace with pellet and

    Operation Of An Experimental Furnace With Pellet And

    At low driving rates, the lowest coke rates were obtained with burdens composed of 100 fluxed sinter. At higher driving rates, however, good pellet burdens gave the better coke rate and the higher productivity. Nevertheless, the tests run with a 100 sinter burden at high driving rate should be repeated, as the sinter contained a higher percentage of fines 0-316 in. than during the first test.

  • Synthesis of NaStabilized Nonporous tZrO2 Supports

    Synthesis Of Nastabilized Nonporous Tzro2 Supports

    The rate of water-gas-shift WGS reaction per mole of surface Pt on the PtZ600 catalyst was about five times higher compared to the catalysts prepared on commercial nonporous ZrO2.

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  • PDF Blast Furnace Operating Conditions Manipulation for

    Pdf Blast Furnace Operating Conditions Manipulation For

    The model is based on using heat balance in the bottom segment of the furnace to predict the value of coke carbon used as a source of heat and reduction and also takes into consideration the heat exchange theory of Kitaev et al. 22 For blast furnaces at EISCO which performed with natural gas injection and oxygen enriched blast, the reduction ...

  • Application of High Ratio Coke Mixed Charging

    Application Of High Ratio Coke Mixed Charging

    blast furnace operation in the future. Ore-coke mixed charging, in which coke is mixed in the sinter or iron ore raw material and charged into the blast furnace, is known as one technique for achiev-ing these objectives1,2. Although this is a technique which improves the permeability and reducibility of

  • Iron Ore Materials and Coke Quality Characteristics and

    Iron Ore Materials And Coke Quality Characteristics And

    Jan 01, 2013 Influence of the reducibility 1 and the strength 2 on the coke rate , the blast furnace productivity - - -. 6. INFLUENCE OF THE COKE REACTIVITY INDEX ON THE BLAST FURNACE PARAMETERS Also the influence of coke characteristics of

  • The Role of Reducibility in Achievement of the Minimal

    The Role Of Reducibility In Achievement Of The Minimal

    The limit of perfection of a blast-furnace smelting, including in its concept a minimal theoretically possible coke consumption, is determined by a thermodynamic equilibrium of oxidation-reduction reactions in separate zones of a furnace. It is possible to determine minimum coke consumption, for example, with the use of the mathematical model suggested by us.

  • Recent Progress in Ironmaking Technology for 2

    Recent Progress In Ironmaking Technology For 2

    material for the blast furnace, coke ovens that produce coke, which is important as a reducing agent, and hot stoves that generate the high temperature approx. 1 200 C hot blast blown into the blast furnace. Large amounts of CO2 are generated by the reduction reaction Fe2O33CO 2Fe3CO2 in the blast furnace and the

  • Blast Furnace Burden Preparation with

    Blast Furnace Burden Preparation With

    Blast Furnace Burden Preparation with Reference to High Ash Coke R. F. Jennings, A. M. Frankau THE primary objectives in iron smelting are high output, low coke, rate and smooth operation. The aspect of coke econonac is somewhat cotn-pleic when working with an iron rich burden and a high ash coke since the ash of the coke contri-


    Blast Furnace Value In Use Model And Its

    Blast Volume Coke Rate Ore Grade Sinter Rate Flooding Burden Pressure Drop Raw Material Size Distribution Size Reduction Figure 2 Impact of furnace properties on blast furnace cost drivers The impacts of each parameter on the Blast Furnace are modelled individually using a series of calculation modules. The outputs of the blast furnace modules are


    Iron Ore Sintering Part 2 Quality Indices And

    sintering, is important in order to operate blast furnaces at a low fuel rate and stable operating rate. Table 1. Data from the sinter plants of Western European countries. Minimum value Maximum value Coke consum, kg t-1 of sinter Productivity, t m-2 per 24h Fe total, FeO, Al 2 O 3, MgO, RDI 3 mm, Tumbler 6.3 mm, Reducibility ...

  • Factors Affecting Iron Quality Blast Furnace Coke Fuel

    Factors Affecting Iron Quality Blast Furnace Coke Fuel

    1. Richer the ore, i.e. greater the iron content, the more economical the blast furnace smelting. 2. Low aluminasilica ratio is desirable. 3. Higher reducibility of iron bearing materials is desirable, this helps in decreasing the coke rate. 4. For coke, the prime objective is to maximize the carbon and thereby minimize the ash content. 5.

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  • Decreasing Coke Rate under AllPellet Operation in

    Decreasing Coke Rate Under Allpellet Operation In

    Decreasing Coke Rate under All-Pellet Operation in Kobe No.3 Blast Furnace Hitoshi TOYOTA1, Tomonori MAEDA 2, Nayuta MITSUOKA , Kota TANAKA3 1 Ironmaking Development Department, Research amp Development Laboratory, Iron amp Steel Business 2 Ironmaking Department, Kakogawa Works, Iron amp Steel Business 3 Environmental Control amp Disaster Prevention Department, Head

  • High blast furnaces productivity operations with low

    High Blast Furnaces Productivity Operations With Low

    permanently improve the blast furnaces technical performances. In 1998 about 18 of European blast furnaces were operated with productivity over 65 tm2.d and 21 with a coke rate lower than 340 kgthm. To reach these results simultaneously, the most important is to improve the overall blast furnace permeability and thus to

  • Analysis of factors that limit the production rate and

    Analysis Of Factors That Limit The Production Rate And

    Nov 29, 2017 An engineering analysis indicates that the coke rate in present blast-furnace practice is set not by chemical or thermal needs but to give adequate charge permeability for economical driving rates. An equation showing interrelations among pressure drop, gas flow, and charge characteristics has been derived. Flooding conditions and the location of the fusion zone are discussed.

  • Influence of nut coke on iron ore sinter reducibility

    Influence Of Nut Coke On Iron Ore Sinter Reducibility

    2010. Influence of nut coke on iron ore sinter reducibility under simulated blast furnace conditions. Ironmaking amp Steelmaking Vol. 37, No. 3, pp. 219-228.


    Interinfluencing Factors In Affecting Bf Coke

    carbon rate and the correlation coefficient was similar to those observed previously. The study indicates that an equation developed need to be modified when the value of an independent variables deviates from the range of data considered in the analysis. Key words blast furnace, coke rate, regression equation, sinter, burden, statistics

  • Blast Furnace Performance Under Varying Pellet Proportion

    Blast Furnace Performance Under Varying Pellet Proportion

    Dec 18, 2018 Fuel Rate. Reducibility is the ease with which the raw materials can be reduced. A higher reducibility means a greater extent of reduction that can be obtained in the furnace resulting in the lowered coke rate and higher productivity. Pellets require lesser heat for their reduction which leads to lower requirement of the coke and fuel rate.

  • Using a Mathematical Model of CounterCurrent Flow in

    Using A Mathematical Model Of Countercurrent Flow In

    burden reducibility, coke reactivity, etc. were designed by Vitek. Many tests performed by Honza and analysis of measured data dealt Drabina. About 25 years ago a completely new approach was devised by the applying chemical engineering methods to blast furnace process. The

  • Blast furnance SlideShare

    Blast Furnance Slideshare

    Dec 12, 2011 Blast furnance 1. 1 - INTERNATIONAL MEETING ON IRONMAKING HIGH PRODUCTIVITY AND COKE RATE REDUCTION AT SIDERAR BLAST FURNACE 21 Oscar Lingiardi2 Oscar Burrai2 Claudio Partemio2 Fernando Giandom nico2 Pedro Etchevarne3 Juan Manuel Gonzalez3Siderar is the largest steel company in Argentina and is located in San Nicol s, in

  • Blast Furnace OSRS Wiki

    Blast Furnace Osrs Wiki

    The Blast Furnace is a members-only minigame situated in Keldagrim for smelting bars.The furnace here only requires half as much coal when smelting usually, so it can be useful when smelting the ores that require more coal.. There are 15 Blast Furnace worlds on Old School RuneScape, all of which make soloing the Blast Furnace easy as there are five different dwarves - Dumpy, Stumpy, Pumpy ...